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"You Have Reached The Voicemail Of Leslie Peterson" is the third episode of the second season of Good Girls .


Tensions between the women, Boomer and Mary Pat reach a boiling point. Beth must intervene when Kenny gets in trouble at school.


Instead of harming her, Rio chooses to give Beth some advice. The ladies try to track down the whereabouts of Boomer, enlisting the help of Mary Pat. Annie chooses to be the one to do the deed given her personal history with him. Mary Pat gets a surprise visit from Boomer who in turn gets a surprise himself. Ruby gets an idea from Sara's schoolwork as to how to get out of the ladies' current dilemma. The ladies deal with guilt regarding their latest activity. Mary Pat goes to Agent Turner about Boomer. Beth and Dean talk about "the book club". Ruby makes a confession to Stan. Rio mails Beth a key, leading to a storage locker.