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"This Land is Your Land" is the tenth episode of the second season of Good Girls and the twentieth episode of the series overall. It aired on May 5, 2019.


With Beth determined to lead a new crime-free life, a desperate Ruby and Annie go behind her back to strike a new deal with Rio.


Beth struggles to re-adapt to a homemaker life, but becomes increasingly frustrated. Annie and Ruby face financial trouble since leaving their criminal jobs behind. Desperate for money, they decide to secretly work for Rio on their own. They use Sara's girl scout group as a cover for smuggling a drug package from Canada. However, without Beth, they face unexpected difficulties and a few harsh truths come out.

Meanwhile, Beth has her hard work on a bake sale dismissed by the PTA mothers and has an emotional breakdown. While at the park, Rio warns Beth that Agent Turner is about to raid the Boland dealership. She barely makes it in time to destroy a ledger containing records of the illegal business and Agent Turner shuts the dealership down.

Beth admits that she misses her criminal life and the ladies realize that Agent Turner knew personal details of the drug business. Annie silently realizes that Noah works for Agent Turner, having told him this information herself.



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