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"Thelma and Louise" is the eighth episode of the second season of Good Girls and the eighteenth episode of the series overall. It aired on April 21, 2019.


Beth and Ruby's friendship fractures just as Dean's vendetta against Rio compromises the women's business dealings. Nancy, on the verge of giving birth, needs Annie's help.


In flashbacks to 1990, it is shown how Beth and Annie met Ruby as children. Beth and Ruby make a strong connection, each supporting the other during bad times in their lives, beginning their bond as best friends. In the present, Ruby calls Beth and confesses about Agent Turner blackmailing her. Beth feels betrayed that Ruby would ever consider flipping on her, causing a fracture in their friendship.

Annie and Noah continue their casual relationship, with Noah attempting to learn more about her life, when Sadie calls her to assist in Nancy's delivery of her baby. Dean attempts to put a hit on Rio, only to find out the hit men are just kids. He is conned and gets Beth's money stolen. Beth and the ladies devise a plan for Ruby to lie to Agent Turner, get the money back and set the two kids up to take the fall.

While succeeding in everything else, they fail to actually get the money back. Beth and Ruby argue about her near betrayal, but finally make amends. Beth comes home to discover Dean has left her and took the kids with him, leaving her to be comforted by Ruby and Annie.



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