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Secret Shoppers is an organization started by Ruby Hill, Beth Boland, and Annie Marks. It is used as a soundproof way for them to launder money for Rio's Gang.



Season 1

In "A View from the Top" the Ruby starts to think that her and the others should stop laundering for Rio's Gang. When Beth, along with Ruby and Annie, go to meet with Rio, Beth ends up asking for more money to launder instead of none. Later Ruby's old boss Tony, reveals that she hasn't been working at her original job, showing that she has been lying. Ruby then tells Stan she created "her own business" of "Secret Shoppers" as a cover for their real business. He believes her, and then they go on.

Next in "Special Sauce", the ladies expand their operation, realizing they cannot wash all the cash that is being given to them, and so they can wash it faster. After they "wash" the cash and give it to Rio, him and his gang come back to Beth's house and confront them. Surprisingly to the ladies, some of the cash wasn't washed and fake cash was slipped into the real. Not thinking, Ruby reveals how they had been outsourcing, and Rio asks them to give them a name so he could "handle it". The ladies refuse, and set up their own plan to handle the situation. They set up a stake out to see who has actually been going shopping and realize that Mary Pat hasn't been shopping. They go to confront her and say "it was corporate". Annie accidentally says that "They know she had been turning in the same cash". Mary Pat then realizes what she said, and asks if they check serail numbers, and soon realizes the business is a sham, and they had gotten her into something shady. Soon Mary Pat starts to blackmail them for $10,000 a month so she doesn't go to the police.

Next in "Shutdown" Rio goes and takes all of her money out, and says that the operation is shutting down. This causes the Secret Shoppers business to stop as well, as there is no more cash to launder. The business then stops, and is never brought back until further notice.

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Former Members


Season 1