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"Pick Your Poison" is the fourth episode of the second season of Good Girls .


Beth's personal interactions with Rio lead to a fracture with her sister, Annie; the affair between Annie and Greg comes to a head; Ruby seizes an illegal opportunity to pay off a debt.


The content of the storage locker is revealed by Beth to Annie and Ruby, who contemplate what to do with it. Rio tells Beth he has given her "the keys to the kingdom" since he plans to "move on" from money laundering, but admits he sees potential in her to "be something". Annie takes it upon herself to be Marion's personal caretaker to help ease her guilt, but learns a few surprising details.

Her affair with Gregg also comes to a head. Ruby and Stan deal with the repercussions of her taking out a loan. Beth finds herself in another financial hole because of Dean and her attraction to Rio reaches a new level. Agent Turner pays a visit to Mary Pat, where one of her children make an innocent yet incriminating comment. Rio makes a sudden appearance at the Boland dealership, declaring his intention to make it the new place for his money laundering business. Dean and Beth are forced to reluctantly agree when he begins violently destroying the dealership Corvettes.