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"One Last Time" is the ninth episode of the second season of Good Girls and the nineteenth episode of the series overall. It aired on April 28, 2019.


Stan faces the consequences for his role in Ruby's criminal dealings; Dean gives Beth an ultimatum. Gregg clashes with Annie's new boyfriend.


Beth roughly adjusts to a life without her children, desperate for them back. Stan is arrested by Agent Turner in front of Ruby and their kids. Beth meets with Dean and asks what it will take to get her kids back, who tells her to end her association with Rio and her criminal life. She eventually agrees.

Gregg meets Noah at Annie's apartment and gets a bad vibe about him, warning Annie to keep her distance. Desperate to get Stan out on bail, Ruby and the ladies arrange another robbery, which Beth decides will be her last. However, they run into unexpected problems and an unplanned kidnapping. Stan is eventually released, much to Ruby's joy.

Beth talks to Rio about her family situation and, after bringing him back to her house, the two have sex. Afterwards, she coldly tells him she is done with her criminal life and instructs him to leave, making him visibly upset. Later that night, Dean returns home with the children, much to Beth's relief. Meeting Noah at a bar, Annie initially decides to distance herself from him. However, after he confesses to once stealing money, Annie decides to continue their relationship and tells him about the ladies' crimes.



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