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"Nevada" is the sixteenth and final episode of the fourth season of Good Girls. It aired on July 29, 2021.


Beth and Rio form a surprise alliance, but don't anticipate the shocking consequences. Beth realizes the women's problems will never go away. Ruby makes a tough decision. Annie is ready to start anew when reality catches up to her.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Beth Boland, Annie Marks and Ruby Hill sat waiting for Christopher (Rio) when Beth receives the news that she won the election. After that, Dean Boland and Stan Hill tell Vance that they want their wives to be left out of the pyramid scheme. The two threaten him with physical violence, to which Vance replies with "The only way you're going to shut me up is to kill me." Beth Boland gives her acceptance speech when she is asked whether she knew that Nick used city projects for kickbacks and money laundering. Beth defends him and says that she will do anything to maintain the community's trust.

Phoebe and Dave give Nick a visit and he blames Christopher (Rio) for everything. "But his name isn't on any of this," says Dave. All of the companies in question are under their grandmother's name. At the next meeting of the pyramid scheme, Vance says they are kickstarting a hair care line and that Dean Boland and Stan Hill have to head it up. Ruby finds Vance just as annoying as most of us and pitches the move to Nevada to the family. Stan asks how they will pay for it and she pulls out envelopes full of cash.

Annie then pitches a getaway to Kevin who is back living in a homeless community. She bought an RV and wants him to go on a permanent Spring Break with her. Mick comes to Beth's house. He puts on black gloves and pulls a gun on her. She says, "My kids are upstairs," to which he puts a silencer on the gun and shoots her. In the next scene, she wakes up with a bandaged shoulder and in her new house in Nevada. Annie wakes up outside her RV with Kevin. They are parked in the Nevada desert somewhere with Ben. Ruby and Stan are kickstarting a nail salon.

During a trip to get groceries, Beth finds herself in the middle of a robbery, where the robber tells the cashier to open their register. Beth tells him that there won't be any money in their since they empty it in the mornings. He then demands her purse and she tells him the police will be there before she will give it to him. He then asks if she wants to die and she answers, "Kinda." Annie and Ruby seem to have underestimated the impact the move would have on their children. Ben's new team won't let him get changed in the boys' locker room. Sara's health has also taken a downward spiral. As Annie and Ruby wonder how they will get through it, Beth says "I've been knitting." The next scene shows the three ladies hit a grocery store, seeming like a flashback to the first episode.

Beth is shot by a gun carrier and she has a vision of the man who they previously hired as a hitman to kill Rio telling her, "You can't run from who you are." Beth then wakes up and we see that everything that happened in Nevada was an illusion and the police alongside Dean are asking her who shot her. She tells them she doesn't know even though she does. Beth tells Ruby and Annie that she isn't moving to Nevada because she thinks nothing will be different. Beth says that Mick left the gun behind after he shot her on purpose, Annie then begins to realise what is about to happen to her. The gun that was left behind is the gun that was used to shoot Lucy, the same one which previously had Beth's fingerprints all over it. Although, in an earlier episode, Annie asked Mick if she could put her fingerprints on the gun so if the gun was ever handed into the police, Beth wouldn't be the one to go down for it. Annie tells Ben and Kevin that she won't be able to go to Nevada because she's in a little bit of trouble, she says while tearing up.

Then we see Annie putting her credit cards, phone, rings etc. into a bag and then she is put in handcuffs. Ruby tells Stan they should wait a bit before moving but Stan says that she can meet them out there when she has decided which family she wants to be with.During the last scene, Beth meets Rio at the park bench. She says to him, "You work for me now," and he replies saying, "You got it boss."



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