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Lucy (died March 15, 2020) was an employee at Paper Porcupine, a former co-worker of Beth Boland and the girlfriend of Max.


Lucy has a masters degree in graphic design, and she mentions that she used to design tattoos (or sling ink) to pay for art school. When Beth started working at Paper Porcupine, she becomes close friends with Lucy. Max even comments that Lucy considers Beth her best friend.

When Beth, Annie Marks, and Ruby Hill decide to start their own money laundering business, Beth suggests that Lucy design the printing plates on the pretense of doing it for charity. Lucy believes her designs will not be used illegally and agrees. She eventually finds a shredded print of her designs, and realizes that they are indeed being used to produce counterfeit money and refuses to make more designs when the three friends ask her to. With no option other than blackmail, they kidnap Lucy's pet bird Au Ju.


Lucy meets Rio at the store and he deduces Lucy's role in Beth's business. Beth and her friends later find Rio and his gang forcing Lucy to make more designs, promising to let her go after. Beth fears that after Lucy hands it in, they will all be murdered. She convinces Rio that he needs all of them for the business to work, but he realizes that Lucy is no longer needed and Mick shoots her point blank in front of Beth, Annie, and Ruby. Her body is later dumped on a shallow grave in a cemetery.

Lucy's death has a profound effect on the ladies. The next day, Max starts looking for Lucy and contacts the police. Beth and her friends dig up Lucy's body and uses her cellphone's facial recognition and send a message to Max that she has ran away.




Season 3


  • She had a masters degree in graphic design.