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"Everything Must Go" is the fifth episode of the second season of Good Girls .


Beth has to rely on Dean as Turner gets closer to the truth but instead of comfort, she finds a troubling secret about Dean when a past familiar face returns.


Ruby confesses to Stan about burying Boomer's body, to which he tries to ensure they did nothing to incriminate themselves. However, he learns there is an unknown witness to their crime, making the ladies panic that Mary Pat is flipping on them. The ladies ask Rio to handle the situation without actually killing Mary Pat, to which he agrees for $200,000. Desperate for the money, the ladies ask Amber for help. This leads Beth to discover another secret about Dean, making her second guess everything about her marriage again. Annie discovers a shocking secret about Beth, causing the two sisters to fight. Agent Turner turns the heat on Mary Pat, who throws Ruby and Stan under the bus to save herself. He approaches Beth and offers her a deal if she turns on Annie and Ruby, which she refuses. Annie reels from guilt about ruining Gregg and Nancy's marriage and its emotional effect on Sadie, leading her to confess her role in it. Beth agrees to "start over" with Dean, but on the condition he take on the role as homemaker while she handles the Boland dealership herself.