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Dean Boland is a car salesman and co-owner of Boland Motors. He is the ex-husband of Beth Boland, good friend of Stan Hill, the ex-fling of Amber Dooley and the patriarch of the Boland Family. After spending all of the family's money on lingerie for Amber, Beth discovered Dean's affair and kicked him out of the house. After falling into debt, Beth became involved with the criminal underworld, making Dean suspicious of her actions. After discovering her association with Rio, Dean is shot by him shortly after, just surviving.






Beth Boland-

Beth is Dean's wife and mother of their 4 kids. In episode 1, she caught him cheating on her with his assistant, Amber Dooley.

Dean gets roped into Beth's life of crime in unexpected ways. He was under the impression that Beth was involved due to circumstances that she cannot avoid. One night, he sees that Beth truly enjoys the life of crime. With this realisation, he starts plotting in order for Beth to be caught.

Stan Hill-

Stan is the husband of Beth's best friend, Ruby. Dean approaches Stan with his plans to take Beth down and he agrees.


Season 1

Season 2