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Christopher, better known as Rio is a gang leader who employed Beth Boland, Annie Marks, and Ruby Hill to do his gang's dirty work after they stole money from him.


Rio is a shady, yet intelligent man who clearly has strong feelings for Beth but doesn't like to show it. However, he confirmed his attraction when he had sex with Beth in the bathroom at a bar while she was on a date with Dean he also had sex with her in her and Dean Boland's previously shared bed. Since then he has been a lot nicer to Beth and has noticeably been giving her a lot of special attention compared to her friends.


Rio has a money-laundering business. He supports his business through wrapping paper, pills, cars and other creative ways. Beth, Ruby and Annie’s criminal activities lead them to fall on the wrong side of local crime lord Rio who they end up owing a big sum of money. Rio agrees to let them pay him back, but at a cost.

Rio gets arrested and his money was destroyed. Once he got out, he took Dean Boland hostage in his and Beth Boland's house. Rio shot Dean and let Beth go because deep down he loves her.

Rio kidnaps FBI agent, Jimmy Turner since he is seen as Beth's rotten egg. He gives Beth a gun to shoot Turner. Instead Beth shoots Rio and realises Turner. Turner asks Beth to leave while he makes a deal with Rio - he will call 911 if Rio agrees to co-operate with the FBI.


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