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Leslie Peterson, better known as Boomer, is the former assistant manager of Fine & Frugal and the grandson of Marion. When Fine & Frugal was robbed, Boomer recognized a tattoo on one of the assailants and was able to deduce that it was cashier Annie Marks. When he attempted to force her to have sex with him in exchange for not telling the police, she tried to stop him but was unsuccessful and Beth Boland was forced to knock him unconscious and kidnap him, holding him in her back yard tree house.

When he escaped, he became one of the girls' biggest enemies. He later met a woman named Mary Pat at church and the two began a relationship until she learned of Boomer attempting to rape Annie. Seeking to bring these women down, Boomer formed an alliance with Jim Turner. He was later ran over by Mary Pat, his rape victim and forced fiancée in which he was presumed dead. However, it is later revealed that he survived the encounter and had been staying with his grandmother. When he refused to go to the police to prove he is alive, Beth admitted to killing him. Not wanting someone innocent to take the fall, his grandmother drove him to the police station to surrender himself.

He was seen walking into a correctional centre after getting his face inked with tattoos and later escapes, only to be picked up by Annie, Beth and Ruby.


Early Life

At some point during his time as a student at an unknown school, Leslie set a table in the cafeteria on fire and when he was given detention for the incident, he broke the principal's car windows and blamed it on a girl with special needs. His grandmother then claimed that Leslie also had special needs when he actually hadn't, just to keep him out of trouble.[1]


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • When the girls visit Boomer's grandmother, Marion, it is revealed that she had five children and sixteen grandchildren, meaning Boomer comes from an extremely large family.


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