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Elizabeth Irene "Beth" Boland (née Marks) is a housewife, a criminal associated with Rio, the co-owner of Boland Motors and the new City Councilwoman. After discovering her husband having an affair with Amber Dooley, Beth later found out that he wasted all of the family's money on her and forced him out of the house, also putting the family into debt. Desperate for money, Beth robbed Fine & Frugal with her sister and her best friend. After this, the women's lives all take a dark turn.


Early Life

Beth, Annie and Ruby go on their first joyride.

Beth grew up alongside her younger sister, Annie, and the two were always extremely close. In 1990, when attempting to drive a car with Annie beside her, Beth ended up crashing into a few trash cans in front of a girl named Ruby's house, who offered to help them drive the car. After this, the three girls became the closest of friends.[1]

When the girls were in their teens, Beth witnessed Annie smoking pot but promised that she would never tell their parents.[2] At some point either before or during high school, Beth met and fell in love with Dean Boland and the two would eventually marry. They also had four children together as Dean started his business, Boland Motors.

Becoming a Criminal

The Affair

Whilst getting a Brazilian wax, Beth was informed that her credit card was completely maxed out and she believed it was simply that Dean had forgotten to pay the bill. However, she later learned that he had maxed it out at a lingerie store and when she told Annie and Ruby, they believed it was for her. When Annie began to bring up the topic of her old stores being robbed, the girls began to joke about robbing Fine & Frugal as they were all very desperate for money.

Beth realises Dean is having an affair.

Two weeks later, Annie visited the Boland house and explained that her ex-husband Gregg and his new wife Nancy are suing her for custody for her daughter Sadie. A commercial for Boland Motors then began on the television, starring Amber Dooley and when Annie questioned who she had to sleep with to get on TV, Beth put the pieces together and realised that Dean was most likely having an affair with Amber. The two then travelled to the lingerie store that Dean purchased items from and after finally convincing the cashier to allow them to see what was ordered, she showed them a skimpy thong and Beth realised it was the truth.

At Beth's house, Annie attempted to comfort her with alcohol when Ruby walked in and found out what happened. She then thought of an idea and destroyed Dean's office with a sledgehammer as Annie and Ruby watched in awe. After destroying everything Beth discovered a paper that revealed Dean had spent all the family's money on Amber and later that night she confronted him in the dark. He began to cry and exclaimed that he was sorry but she remained angry at him after he explained that it is a possibility they could lose their house.[2]

The Robbery

The next day, Beth told Ruby and Annie that they were going to rob the store and the three women prepared by taking photos of the cameras within the store and making sure they knew the exits so that they could escape quickly. Unable to obtain real guns, Beth took toy weapons from her children's room and coloured in the red tip. The next morning, Beth packed all the family lunches and said goodbye to the kids and Dean. She then met up with Ruby and Annie and the three suited up and headed into Fine & Frugal where they ordered everyone to get on the ground immediately. Annie went with Boomer to the vault whilst Beth and Ruby held everyone hostage in the aisles. However, when Tyler, the security guard, showed up, the girls ran for it and managed to escape with half of a million dollars.

Beth confronts Amber Dooley.

The first thing Beth did with the money was give some to her husband's affair, Amber Dooley. It was enough to get her a plane ticket and to get started in LA. Before she left, Beth warned Amber that someone in LA could seek her out and use her for porn. She then proceeded to steal one of Boland Motors' cars and run through a cardboard cutout of Dean. The next morning, Dean came down for breakfast and Beth requested all of the codes to their accounts as she was forcing him to move out. She recommended him a motel and made sure that he left immediately. Later, after coming home from grocery shopping, Beth is confronted by Rio and his gang members, who force her to call Annie and Ruby over. He asked the women that they pay back the money they took from the store as it belongs to him.

After they left, Beth immediately left her kids with Dean at his motel room in order to keep them safe. At Annie's apartment, the girls discussed their next move until Ruby left to get food and Beth went to take a shower. Whilst in the shower, Beth heard noises of a scuffle in the living room and witnessed Boomer attempting to rape Annie. In defense, she used one of the fake guns but after he realised it was fake, he was about to go to police about their robbery until he was knocked unconscious with a whiskey bottle by Beth. After checking if he was still alive the girls held each other close in a panic.[2]


Beth can be described as the strongest of the three girls. Whilst her sister Annie is known to be a loose cannon, Beth has the ability to remain cool, calm and collected through most situations, even when having a gun pointed directly at her head.


Ruby Hill-

Ruby is a very close friend of Beth, and is seen as her sister. Beth is like the leader of the pack when it comes to their business, so Ruby and Annie have a tighter friendship and are seen together more than Beth and Ruby.

Annie Marks-

Annie is Beth's younger sister. They argue a lot but are still very close. They often criticize and make fun of each other when they do not approve of what the other is doing. The two have very different personalities, as Annie is a very sarcastic, outgoing person; and Beth is very put together and pretty no-nonsense when it comes to work.


Rio and Beth have a very on and off relationship. From the first episode, there is sexual tension between them. Rio shows clear favoritism toward her as she becomes the leader of her group with Annie and Ruby. In season 2, there's even more tension between them and the become closer as Beth gets more involved in the gang. Her marriage is dying (but she won't admit it). She is out on a date with Dean and she goes into the bar bathroom. Then Rio shows up behind her and they end up having sex in the bathroom. They sleep together again 'one last time' when Beth decides to get out of the gang, but her plan fails after she shoots Rio and survives. Even though Beth tried to kill her, he is still clearly in love with her. She fakes being pregnant so he doesn't kill her, but since she clearly can't fake a pregnancy for long, she also fakes a miscarriage. Beth gets involved with his gang again by making fake money in order to stay alive. Throughout season three, it's basically Beth trying not to get killed by him, trying kill him, and being totally in love with him at the same time. She hires a hitman on him and spends tons of time and money getting it together. In season 4, the final pieces with the hitman are getting put together, but once the FBI is too close to catching her, she cancels it and tells Rio that the hitman is trying to kill him. (But she doesn't tell him who/what he is) In order to catch Rio and keep herself out of jail, Beth starts working with the FBI and wearing a wire, but Rio starts getting suspicious of her. She then gets completely naked in front of him, trying to manipulate him into trusting her. In season 4, episode 6, Beth goes to meet Rio's boss, who is none other than his grandma, and ends up hanging out with his whole family. She is wearing a wire and tries to hide it in a bookshelf, but Rio walks in right as she finishes hiding it. In order to get him distracted (or so she makes it seem) she seduces him and they have sex again. Later that night, she hallucinates the FBI agents insisting she gets Rio for them, and Rio telling her not to let him down, so she is clearly conflicted by the fact that she's in love with Rio, and the fact that she doesn't want to go to jail.

Dean Boland-

Dean is Beth's husband and the father of her 4 kids. In episode 1, Dean is shown cheating on Beth with his assistant, and later found out by Beth. It was revealed that their marriage had been on the rocks for years, prior to the shows start. After Dean gets shot because of her involvement with Rio, Beth ends up giving him another chance and goes on a date with him. But during the date she and Rio have sex in the bar bathroom. Over time, Beth forgives Dean and gives their relationship a real do-over. Once Dean finds out that ever after getting shot by Rio, Beth is still working for him, their marriage is rocky again. Although they try to hide it, they both hold clear resentment towards one another. Beth ends up sleeping with Rio again before deciding to get out of her involvement with the gang. After Beth shoots Rio in the final episode of season 2, they believe everything can get back to normal. Once it is revealed that Rio is still alive, Dean makes it very clear he does not want Beth near Rio, more than just because of her safety. Their relationship remains stable over season 3, but Dean is very insecure about Beth's relationship with Rio. He ends up developing a flirty relationship with his boss Gayle. The two kiss, and Dean realizes what he's doing again. Then he goes and tells Beth. She forgives him but stays slightly resentful toward him. Their relationship by this point is on life support.

In season 4, it remains the same. They get along fine but they barely act married, they just live together and have kids. Everything changes when Dean gets arrested for what Beth did. He is very angry at her, but still takes the fall. Once he gets out on bail, it is clear that their marriage is dead, they both know it, but don't want to admit it. Beth clearly isn't in love with him anymore, and they both know it, but are still together for now.

Dean gets roped into Beth's life of crime in unexpected ways. He was under the impression that Beth was involved due to circumstances. One night, he sees that Beth enjoys the life of crime. With this realisation, he starts plotting in order for Beth to be caught.


• Beth and Dean got married on February 2nd, 2002