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Annie Marks is a cashier at Fine & Frugal and a criminal associated with Rio. She is the younger sister of Beth Boland, the ex-wife/lover of Gregg, the best friend of Ruby Hill, ex-girlfriend of Noah, mother of Ben Marks (born Sadie) and the aunt of the children of the Boland Family.

After giving birth and getting married at a young age, Annie's marriage failed and she got a divorce, also being thrown badly into debt. Desperate for money, Annie, her sister and their best friend Ruby rob Fine & Frugal, which takes their lives down a dark road.


Early Life

Beth, Annie and Ruby go on their first joyride.

Annie grew up alongside her older sister, Beth, and the two were extremely close. When Beth was attempting to drive a car through the neighbourhood with Annie beside her, she ended up crashing into a few trash cans in front of a girl named Ruby's house, who offered to help them drive. The three became the closest of friends after that.[1]

When the girls were in their teens, Beth caught Annie smoking pot but promised not tell their parents.[2] At a young age, Annie became rebellious and eventually met and slept with a boy named Gregg, resulting in Annie becoming pregnant. She gave birth to her son Sadie when she was very young and also married, later resulting in a divorce.

Becoming a Criminal

The Custody Battle

In the first season Gregg informs her that he and his wife will be fighting her for custody. Not much happens with this and the topic is eventually dropped. However, Sadie lives between the two and had to stay with Gregg for an extended period only to have supervised visits with Annie after she was arrested.


Annie is known as the loose cannon of the group. She is always the one member to come up with the craziest plans and willing to go along with schemes that are highly dangerous such as robbing a grocery store. However, she is shown to have a very sympathetic and caring side as she loves her son and is willing to do anything to make him be happy.


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